Established in 2009,XueYu Golden Potato distribution artel is a Registered Golden potato distribute company by Haidong City, Pingan Branch of the Administration of Industry and Commerce.
  XueYu Golden Potato distribution artel has a long and recognized history in exporting potato, horsebean, rapeseed, edible oil and garlic, and other purchase, storing, processing, matters. New product import and technical adviser are parts of the company¨s service too.
  XueYu Golden Potato distribution artel come into existence by 5 farmers, and propose to the end of 2009, the members of come XueYu Golden Potato distribution artel will be 100 farmers, that will cover all 500 farmers around the company, the potato plantation will achieve 50 hectare, have the ability of 1000 tons output.
  There are two main organic potato plantation in PingAn and HuZhu,each of them are 5 hectare....more>>

Business license

Tax Registration Certificate

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Company: Company name: XueYu Golden Potato distribution artel
Address: Address: LiuWan, XiaoXia Town, Pingan, Qinghai province, China.
Contact person: Hongsheng Zhu  Tel: 0011 86 15897082647   Email: technical